TheOneSpy Spy App Review – Is TheOneSpy a Good Choice for You?

TheOneSpy Review

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The Spyiz website does not develop, own or sell spy software. It selects the best mobile spy software on very strict criteria: its role is only to inform people wishing to use spy software for their smartphones of the best spy applications that exist today.
  • Software Reliability: This is a reliable software.
  • Software Ease of Use: It is easy to use.
  • Software Safety: It is a safe choice.
  • Software Cost: It is expensive solution.

TheOneSpy app is among few of the most trustworthy security solutions available today. It offers users with comprehensive list of features. The entire design is made simple enough to help users make the most of this software. Hence, it becomes really important to check out TheOneSpy review and find out its perks and limitations. We have tried to include almost every information about this security application that may influence your decision. It is important that you go through the entire article to make the right choice. It is no doubt that TheOneSpy app is recommended by many users and it is tested with time. However, that does not mean it can help with your specific needs. After checking every part of the information, you would be able to assess the app with complete certainty.

Among many apps available online, there are just a few that provide satisfactory results. Most of the spywares only look good on their websites. When the time comes to show some action, they lack consistency. There are times when these apps do not perform as promised and walk away from offering the listed apps. There could be even worse scenarios. What if the spyware turns to be a malware? You must be thinking all that before thinking of buying a tracking app. Hence, here is TheOneSpy review to clear all your confusions and provide you with precise information. 



What is TheOneSpy app? Let us figure out that first before checking its capabilities and performance. This is a monitoring app that comes packed with few parental control tools as well. It is used by those individuals who wish to hack someone else’s phone for staying informed or keeping their loves ones safe. Either you are looking to safeguard your kid from the reach of cyberbullies or you want to find out about your partner’s affair outside of your relationship, this app would be capable enough.

Not just that, you can also use monitoring apps for putting full stop to data theft in your office. You can use the app on your employees’ phones, provided by the company to ensure they use the internet and other privileges for the good of the business. A monitoring app provides huge perks to the users. It collects information from the target phone and make it available for remote monitoring. Also, TheOneSpy app runs in stealth mode. This further increases the chance of the target phone’s owner to stay calm and continue with the usual activities. 

So, why not take advantage of these benefits and keep yourself safe as well as your loved ones. Without a pinch of doubt, you can save many uninvited instances from occurring in the first place.   

Things to Know Before You Buy

There are a few things that you must mind before planning to buy any spyware you like. This is for your own sake. You will never like to pay for an app that does not work on your phone. Or, an app that is completely different from what you expected it to be. Not every app is same. Hence, you must choose the one that provide you the specific features and functionalities you need the most. 

You may compromise with a few tools but not with some of the most desired ones. So, you must look for the app that offers at least those features that stays on high priority list with your monitoring goals.

Moreover, it is crucial that your target device is compatible with the selected app. Hence, you must find out all the platforms supported by TheOneSpy and the different OS versions it caters to. Otherwise, you may not be able to use the app even after paying for the subscription. 

Once you have considered all these pre-requisites, it is time you also find out the efficiency of technical support. It is also possible that you may get into a problem while installing the app or monitoring the device, and the support won’t respond promptly. Hence, find an app that could offer quick response. You would not like waiting for a week just to receive an acknowledgement mail. 

Also, if you do not wish to jailbreak your device or root it, look for an option that offers such solution. 

TheOneSpy Review

TheOneSpy Spy App

With so many options available and various things to take care of, it become a little tricky to find the right app. TheOneSpy is a nice alternative. Hence, we have created TheOneSpy review to assist you in deciding what it entails and if it would suit your monitoring goals or not. Looking at all the aspects, the good and the bad, you would be able to take an informed decision. 

How Does TheOneSpy Work

TheOneSpy software is an active app that helps everyone in need. It has come up with the most thoughtful selection of features to ensure that the users find no issues with monitoring, Plus, the interface is easy to apprehend as well. The question is: how does it work?

The spyware is no different than any other alternative in the market in terms of its working. As it goes with other choices, you must install the app on the target device to monitor the activities. Once the app is installed, it works in stealth mode. It collects all the information with respect to the specific features and saves it on the app’s server. 

If you wish to monitor the device, you just need to login to the dashboard and start checking the data logs saved for your access. The details collected from your target device is only available to you. No one could ever use the login credentials you created and check those data files. Hence, it is safe and ensures data privacy at all account.

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TheOneSpy app is not only a basic security solution, but a complete package. Through its plethora of features and many great tools, it makes monitoring easy and fruitful.

Record Calls: With TheOneSpy app, you can record all the calls from the target device. Either its an incoming or an outgoing call, you can record it and listen to it later. You can even block incoming calls using this interactive app. 

Check Call Logs: The app allows you to view the complete call log. It provides information about the date and time of the call, duration as well as caller details.

Monitor Social Media Account Updates: You can check the conversations happening on the social media accounts such as Snapchat, Facebook and many other popular applications.

Monitor Messages: It also lets you read all the texts and messages shared via the target device. You can read those messages that are deleted as well. 

Remote Screenshot: Want to know about the apps being used on the target device or the screen watched, you can use the remote screenshots to click screenshots without the knowledge of the target phone. The images clicked will be deleted right after being uploaded on the server.

Track Live Location: You can check the live location of the phone in real time. By browsing the digital map available on the dashboard, you can find out the current location of the target device, whenever you want.

Geofencing: If your kids are too naughty and keep you on toes, why not ensure that they stay inside the chosen distance that you have created for them. Using geofencing you can set virtual perimeter on digital map. If they chose to cross that safe zone, you would be notified right away.  

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Compatibility Information

TheOneSPy app is compatible with Android, Windows PC as well as MAC. It did support iOS before but as of now, it has terminated the service for iPhones and related devices.

You can use the app on almost all the major mobile phones and makes. 

Pricing / Free Trial

If you wish to use TheOneSpy app, you can choose the various subscriptions available on their website. They have got two subscriptions based on the set of features. These plans are further classified into three packages depending on the number of months for which you wish to pay at once. 

TOS XLite Edition

Monthly: $25 per month

Quarterly: $15 per month

Yearly: $6.25 per month

TOS Premium Edition

Monthly: $50 per month

Quarterly: $28 per month

Yearly: $12.5 per month

You must have got an idea of the different packages that are available for subscription. Although the app is expensive, you can always go for the yearly plan. This would considerably decrease the monthly fee and would help keep the budget intact. However, you must pay for the entire year at once. So, it is up to you to decide what you would choose and what would be a feasible option.

Installation and Setup

After all the information, if you want to install the app, you must follow the instructions precisely that is mentioned on the website. You must select the pricing plan and make payment for the same. Once you complete the payment successfully, you would receive a welcome mail on your registered ID with TheOneSpy. 

All the tips and instructions are available on the email. Do not forget to follow the guidelines step by step. Or, you may miss something important, difficult to track again. Anyway, this goes with saying and you must follow it religiously. 

Once the app is downloaded and installed, which would take anywhere between 30 secs to 60 secs, you can start monitoring the mobile phone. The same procedure is true for Windows PC as well as MAC. 

To check the data files collected from the target device, you can use your dashboard. Login to the control panel and start monitoring your kids or partner. 

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Customer Service

The customer service is not available 24 by 7 which would have been much appreciated. However, you do get quick response from the technical support. They do have chat facility on their website. If that is not available, you can leave a message for the team. They let you attach at most 5 files when sending the message through the contact window, which is helpful. You do not have to wait for the response to enter your issues. 

The time the technical support responds, it may already have come up with the solution. So, it does make a lot of sense for asking users to send complete problem in the beginning itself.


To make the selection easier for you, here is the quick bite of what the app is all about. From its advantages to the limitations it holds, you can assess TheOneSpy monitoring app with complete transparency.

Pros / Cons
  • The app offers many advanced features such as call recording
  • It is a reliable app
  • The website has detailed FAQs available for the users
  • You can switch between different platforms
  • You can opt for geofencing alerts
  • iOS is not supported, though it was before available for monitoring
  • It does eat up battery
  • For upgrades, you must access the target device.

Parameters Influencing TheOneSpy Review

Before you choose a monitoring app such as TheOneSpy, you must take into account the important factors powerful enough to influence your final decision. TheOneSpy review aims to provide you a comprehensive detail of the app to keep you informed. 

Software Reliability: This is a reliable software. The support is responsive and regular upgrades are available too.

Software Ease of Use: It is easy to use. The installation is quick and simple as well.

Software Build and Design: With user friendly interface, TheOneSpy app makes it easy for users to check different data logs and utilize the app completely.

Software Safety: It is a safe choice. Already being used by many customers from different countries, the app is trustworthy. 

Software Cost: It is expensive solution. The yearly packages are reasonable though.

The Verdict

Are you trying to figure out the capabilities of TheOneSpy app and if it is reliable enough? TheOneSpy review offers the complete information about the app. Although the app is expensive, it does provide many unique features and helps users with the most advanced solution. You can find out almost every detail about the target device. Hence, making itself one of the most intuitive and reasonable choice.

TheOneSpy Review

Affordable Price

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Terms & conditions apply
The Spyiz website does not develop, own or sell spy software. It selects the best mobile spy software on very strict criteria: its role is only to inform people wishing to use spy software for their smartphones of the best spy applications that exist today.