Spyera Spy App In-Depth Review 2022

spyera review

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The Spyiz website does not develop, own or sell spy software. It selects the best mobile spy software on very strict criteria: its role is only to inform people wishing to use spy software for their smartphones of the best spy applications that exist today.
  • Software Reliability: This is a reliable software with huge number of fans following. It is being used by thousands of users worldwide.
  • Software Ease of Use: It is a simple app with no complex setup requirements.
  • Software Safety: The app is tested and safe for use. 
  • Software Cost: It is expensive.

Spyera is a spy tracker which helps users monitor someone else’s mobile without notifying. The app is suitable for parents, employers and other users who wish to monitor online activities of someone related. The Spyera review would talk about the different benefits and limitations of using this app. It details the feature and how the app can be utilized for realizing the best results.

As we know that the increasing popularity of spywares have given room for numerous selections, it becomes inevitable to do in-depth research about the right choice instead of spending on useless options. The article would help you understand the reasons for using a spywares and if Spyera stands out of the rest monitoring apps in providing an efficient solution.



The smartphone generation has no doubt made our lives easier and simpler. However, it has also made it easy to maintain a secretive life than ever before. This is the most common reason for surging online attacks. The rate of leakage of personal information has become rampant. Any detail shared online could easily be compromised causing individuals huge risks. And, kids are targeted the most because of their innocence which is incapable of differentiating between what is right and what could be dangerous. 

There are times when we often feel uncertain about the loyalty of an employee. It is important to safeguard confidential data of the company and combat with such employees who are nothing less than a traitor. To do so, the monitoring apps help screen the smartphone and other devices of the target user and come up with substantial proofs. 

With that said, it is lucid that the call for monitoring solutions is just the reflex of the advancing technology. These apps are crucial for keeping a check on our loved ones. It could be your kid or spouse who may need a protection against online nuisance. In such cases, all you need is a spying software that can handle the job of monitoring and reporting you about the same.

The Spyera review lists all the factors that make this app a great choice for many users around the world. However, you must look for the right clues to verify if the app suits your needs or not.

Things to Know Before You Buy

A monitoring software comes with its own perks and limitations. Also, those who plan to use such app must verify if their purpose is legit and won’t get them into any legal consequences later. If everything seems fine, it becomes important to find out what are you looking for an app like Spyera to accomplish. 

Are you looking for call interception or just the call logs would do the trick? As the plans and cost of every app differs, they do cater to different functionality. You must consider the cost related to these apps and decide to choose the one that comes close to your requirement and budget.

Moreover, some apps need a jailbroken phone or a rooted android device. These would not work, even with some limitation on the non-rooted or non-jailbroken phone. If you can compromise with the warranty terms of the mobile, you can go ahead. Or else, you may have to think of a different option.

Likewise, the safety and customer support do matter. If your app isn’t safe or tested before use, it may pose huge danger of data infringement. Also, if the company is not capable enough to offer supportive customer care, you may end up circling around for help when not able to install or setup the app. Just think and research before you pay for an app. Check out the Spyera review to assess its worth and utilization based on your needs. 

Spyera Review

Spyera review

Spyera is one of the most used apps available today. Despite the high price tag connected to the software, it still is popular. Reason being, it carried plenty of advanced features and is compatible with many devices. You can use the app for keeping tabs on your kid or gaining secretive details of your cheating spouse. You can also help maintain discipline in your company by restricting the usage of certain website and personal chat applications. 

How Does Spyera Work

The app works in the most effective way. After you install the app on the target device, you will be able to monitor all the related data logs captured from the online activities remotely. You can access the dashboard and check the information listed there. The app is easy to install (discussed later in the Spyera review). 

And, the intuitive interface of the control panel let you find out information and details pertaining your needs in matter of seconds. Spyera is a powerful app and you would not need the access to the mobile after the software is installed for monitoring. You can do that from your device, no matter how far you stay away from the target device. 

It works in the stealth mode. Hence, the target device would have no clue about the existence of such app on the phone. It can easily be uninstalled. So, once you are done with the app, you can just take it off from the target phone. 

Above all, it does not interfere with the usual operation of the target device. Neither does it affect the speed of the smartphone. Hence, one can never know about a spying app installed on the device at any cost, unless you wish to say it.

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Spyera Spy App

As mentioned before, the Spyera app is designed to provide huge potential to its users. From standard to advanced features, it is packed with plenty of perks. You can check almost every data log that concerns you in the highly sorted way. 

Here are the major features that make Spyera such a desirable choice for millions of users across the globe:

You can access the call log, listen to live phone calls and intercept them after receiving the SMS alert.

Monitor Call Logs: You can check the phone call logs pertaining the caller number, time, date and duration of call and various other details. Using the call logs, you can verify if the target device is talking to any suspicious individual. You can also know the numbers that are often called and who all are close to the owner of the target device.

Call Interception: Here comes one of the most exciting features. You can actually listen to the live calls being the silent party in the conference call. No one would ever know that you are listening to the calls made through and received on the target device. You will be alerted through SMS whenever a call would land or would be initiated from the target device. You can right away intercept the call to listen to the conversation.

Ambient recording and listening: You can even record the calls as well as the surrounding of the target phone when its not in use. By turning the remote microphone, you can record the surrounding of the target device and can listen to those recordings later.

Monitor Multimedia Files: Yes, you can do that. You can check all the media files stored on the device. Either its photos, videos or audio library, everything would be accessible remotely to you through your dashboard.

Monitor the Social Media Accounts: Using the Spyera, you can check the updates from the social media accounts. Whatever conversation takes place on Instagram, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp is stored for your reference. The data logs are shared through the server to your dashboard. You can use these details to understand the ins and outs of the target phone. 

Spy on Emails: Do you think your employee is leaking data to competitors through emails? You can find that out using this email spying software. The feature comes handy for many purposes. Hence, it does make this app complete as a monitoring solution.

Monitor VOIP: Not every monitoring app has this facility. With internet rates going down, almost every smartphone uses the IM calls to connect with the other phone instead of using the mobile carrier-based calls. Hence, it becomes very important to listen to those calls as well. You can check the calls made via Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook and many others.

Monitor Text Messages: The app allows you to check the messages shared via the target device. You can check SMS and MMS received and sent through the smartphones. As well as, those messages that have been deleted from the target device. Isn’t that too exciting of a feature to miss?

Check Browsing History: If you are not sure about the content your kids browse when you aren’t there to keep watchful eyes on them, use the Spyera app to know all about it. You can also filter the websites that are not suitable as per their age. Being an employer, you can also restrict your employees for using social media platforms and personal chat messengers.

Track Location: You can track current location of the target device as well as the location history. 

Keylogger: The keystrokes made by the target device is recorded and presented to you for providing great monitoring solution. You can even crack passwords for email and Facebook accounts using this feature.

Spy camera: With this app, you can use the rear as well as back camera to take pictures without the knowledge of the target device. These are uploaded on the dashboard for reviewing. 

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Compatibility Information

Spyera is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows as well as Mac. However, one must root or jailbreak the phone for installing and using the app.

Pricing / Free Trial

The Spyera subscription plans differ for different devices.

Smartphones (1 licence either for iPhone or Android)

  • 1 Month: $31.99
  • 3 Months: $189.00
  • 6 Months: $289.00
  • 12 Months: $389.00

Tablet (1 license for tablet)

  • 1 Month: $22.99
  • 3 Months: $149.00
  • 6 Months: $199.00
  • 12 Months: $279.00

Computer (1 license for computer)

  • 1 Month: $11.99
  • 3 Months: $79.00
  • 6 Months: $99.00
  • 12 Months: $139.00

All in One (One license for each device)

  • 1 Month: $28.99
  • 12 Months: $479.00
  • 24 Months: $689.00

Installation and Setup

To install the app, you would need to create an account on the website and buy a subscription plan. You can select the subscription plan and must enter the correct email address while registering. The installation steps would be sent to your email address. 

Use the download link and the installation guide to complete the setup on the target device. You must root or jailbreak the smartphone before installing the app. After this, you can check the data logs from the remote device using your dashboard.

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Customer Service

The website has a live chat option and also email support. Although they do not talk about 24 by 7 technical service, you can still count on them for providing prompt answers to your queries.


Here are the pros and cons of Spyera

Pros / Cons
  • Easy to handle, install and use
  • Backed with numerous exciting features
  • Advanced monitoring solution
  • 10 days refund policy
  • Expensive

Parameters Influencing the Buying Decision

You must assess few factors that help you understand the usefulness of any specific monitoring app for your needs. 

Software Reliability: This is a reliable software with huge number of fans following. It is being used by thousands of users worldwide. And, it does keep on upgrading its feature set to stay competitive with time. 

Software Ease of Use: It is a simple app with no complex setup requirements. One may have to look for rooting or jailbreak procedures. However, these are also easy with so much information available online.

Software Build and Design: It offers intuitive and user friendly interface.

Software Safety: The app is tested and safe for use. 

Software Cost: It is expensive. However, with so many features, what else one could expect. If you do not need so much functionality, it won’t be worth paying such huge price. 


Spyera review outlines the different features and benefits of the app. In addition, it also talks about the limitation it possesses. Hence, it aims at helping you if its worth for your needs. Overall, it does call for a try though. 

spyera review

FREE Trial Available

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The Spyiz website does not develop, own or sell spy software. It selects the best mobile spy software on very strict criteria: its role is only to inform people wishing to use spy software for their smartphones of the best spy applications that exist today.