SpyBubble Review 2020 – What you Need to Know Before You Buy?


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The Spyiz website does not develop, own or sell spy software. It selects the best mobile spy software on very strict criteria: its role is only to inform people wishing to use spy software for their smartphones of the best spy applications that exist today.
  • Software Reliability: It is a reliable app with responsive support.
  • Software Ease of Use: It offers great ease of use.
  • Software Safety: It is a safe option.
  • Software Cost: The app is expensive. 

To carry an effective monitoring, a reliable spy app is crucial. We cannot just pick any of the apps available and think that we would be covered with features that we are looking for. To find that one right spyware, one must make efforts to go through each and every detail of the software. Hence, we have come up with the SpyBubble review for those who find this option suitable for their needs. We have tried to touch every side of the app to ensure our readers make the right decision. 

SpyBubble is a tracking app that offers users with the privilege of spying on kids, employees or partners smartphones. Because it works in the stealth mode, the target device would never find out about its existence, unless the users choose to tell them explicitly. Like any other monitoring app, SpyBubble starts recording the data logs from the target phone as soon as it is installed. Hence, it is simple to use. Go through the entire article to know more about the bright as well as flip side of using this app. 


There are no more ways to prove that the spy apps are gaining huge popularity when we are already witnessing so many different options being released every now and then. Because of increased demand, more companies are coming forward with their new software. Looking at the scenario, it is evident that in the coming years, most of the individuals would be making use of these apps. 

And, why not, it does offer great solutions to minimize the problems arising due to technological advancements. Unlike the old days, when children preferred playing football and cricket in their leisure time, today, kids like to stay connected through social media accounts and chat among each other. They often invite intruders into their lives and get into trouble, giving way to cybercrimes and data theft. Monitoring apps do take care of such issues to a certain extent by giving parents the authority to review the online activities of their kids.

The software is also helpful in catching those culprits that share the company’s information and confidential data to the competitors. Moreover, these apps are highly efficient in catching the cheating spouses. 

All these solutions make these apps necessary tools for different individuals for their specific purposes. Don’t you think, with time, when the number of online threats would be even greater, these apps would become even more viable solutions for keeping our loved ones safe and secure?

We have already discussed a lot of the benefits of using monitoring apps. The question is: Is SpyBubble capable of providing all these perks to its users. Let us clarify the same reading this SpyBubble review.   

Things to Know Before You Buy

It is always better to stay informed about the monitoring app that you would be buying ultimately. However, you must also know the selection criteria for making the right choice. Even the most expensive app could turn useless for your specific needs if it does not provide that one feature you yearn the most. There are many other things that matter too.

Before you pay for the app, check the compatibility of the app. This is to ensure that it would work with your target phone or any other device of your choice. Many apps do offer support for different platforms. Some stick to two or even one. Moreover, you must also verify the OS version support for the compatible platforms. There are certain spywares that let you enter the make of your mobile phone to find out if they provide support for that specific device or not. If not, you can always turn up to their sales team to check details of your phone and its compatibility. If support isn’t responsive, isn’t that a good reason to anyway tick out the choice from your list?

This brings us to the next important factor: The technical support team. You must find out the website that offers prompt support. It is not necessary to look for 24 by 7 technical support, though it would be amazing. You can also compromise with a day’s response. 

In addition, the features included must carry those tools that are of high priority to you. You must also balance your needs with you budget to come up with the final monitoring goals. 

Apart from that, you should always use these apps for a good reason. And, you must not install monitoring software on a device that you do not own. In case, you are using this app on an employee’s device, you must install it on the phone that is offered by the company. 

If you take care of all these constraints beforehand choosing the final app, it is very unlikely that you would ever be disappointed by its results.

SpyBubble Review

Looking at the various reasons that make selection of the right spyware difficult, we have come up with this detailed review for those who are seeking elaborative information about SpyBubble. You would find a lot of feedbacks from users who have used the app before or have been using it from quite some time. However, it is not always easy to take the decision based on other’s take on the app, because your purpose may differ. 

Hence, you must check out all the details of the app before purchasing SpyBubble. As already mentioned, it does not matter how great a monitoring app is, unless it does not provide the results that you are looking for.

How Does SpyBubble Work

SpyBubble is an intuitive app with simple working procedure. Before it starts working, you must install the app on the target device. You can find all the tips available on the website for completing the customization with success on the phone needed for monitoring. Once you do that, you can check all the data logs from your dashboard. This is accessible through the control panel login.

The SpyBubble starts collecting all the information from the target device after being installed on the phone. It does so while staying in the stealth mode. Hence, the owner of the phone would never know about it. 

And, you can remotely find out every online activity of the smartphone without any hassle. 

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The SpyBubble app showcases some of the major features and almost all standard ones to provide its users with a comprehensive set of tools for effective monitoring.

Check Call Logs: Using this amazing app, you can check the entire call log from the target device. It provides all the related information about the calls from duration of call to number of the caller. You can also view the missed and rejected call details.

Record Calls: This feature is also amazing in case you like to listen to the conversation happening via target device. The app will record all the calls, either incoming or outgoing and store it to the server. Hence, you would be able to listen to these calls whenever you are free. 

View Messages: Whatever messages, either exchanged via mobile carrier or the IMs, would be visible to the users of the app. SpyBubble collects all the SMS and texts and make these available for the users for monitoring. A very useful feature because texts are the most popular and widely used alternative to calls.

Live Location Tracking: You can also find out the current location of the target device by checking the dashboard. It would provide you with the current coordinates on the digital map to ensure that your loved ones are safe and secure.

Check Browsing History: Do you have a kid that is too old to be looking at the adult content? Or, do you think that your employees are wasting time on unnecessary websites and social media accounts. If that is so, why not check the browsing history and find out the truth. Using the app, you can do all these things. You can also visit the sites being bookmarked by the target device owner. 

Keylogger: This is a very interesting feature. Keylogger works by registering all the keystrokes made by the device and provides all those combination in the most subtle way to the user. With this feature, one can even crack passwords for applications installed on the target phone.  

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Compatibility Information

Pro SpyBubble and often known as just SpyBubble is compatible with many devices. You can use the app on Windows PC as well as MAC devices. It also supports android phones. However, you must need access of these devices for a few minutes to install the app before you start remote monitoring.

Pricing / Free Trial

SpyBubble offers two subscription plans based on the devices need to be monitored at the same time. 

  • Personal: $19.99 per month

This subscription supports one device of your choice. It could be either of the platforms the app supports. The money is deducted every month. 

  • Family: $39.99 per month

This subscription supports 5 devices at a time. You can use it for different platforms as well. As it is with the personal plan, the fee is deducted every month.

The company also offers three days free trial. In other words, you can use the features of the app without paying any penny for complete three days. Later, you can choose to continue with the subscription or stop it right there.  

Installation and Setup

To install SpyBubble on your device, you first need to have access to the phone or computer for a few minutes. 

Step 1: First, you must subscribe for the license. You can choose between the two plans and pay for the one that suits you the best. 

Step 2: You will receive all the details of the installation process on your email along with the subscriber activation code. Use the tips to complete installation on the target device. You must use the activation code to start your subscription plan. 

Step 3: Although the app would be installed on the device, it would run discreetly. This means, that it would collect all the data logs and would still be invisible to the target phone’s owner.

Step 4: You can now login to the control panel and check the dashboard for the data logs. 

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Customer Service

To contact the support team, you can use their email address and sent mails to them regarding your queries. They do not offer 24 by 7 service. However, they are responsive. 


Here are the pros and cons of using SpyBubble. You must check these carefully if you are deciding to get this app for your monitoring purposes.

Pros / Cons
  • It is reliable
  • Compatible with multiple platforms 
  • Comprehensive set of features
  • Easy to install
  • It runs on stealth mode
  • 3 Days free trial
  • Expensive
  • No call interception feature 
  • Support isn’t 24 by 7. You can only reach them via emails

Parameters Influencing Buying Decision

There are number of parameters that can affect the final decision of buying SpyBubble. Hence, you must check them before you take the last step.

Software Reliability: It is a reliable app with responsive support. However, more options to reach technical team would have been appreciated. 

Software Ease of Use: It offers great ease of use. It is simple to install and very intuitive.

Software Build and Design: The interface is well designed as well. You will not find any trouble finding the logs you are looking for.

Software Safety: It is a safe option.

Software Cost: The app is expensive. 


You must have made up your mind after reading the SpyBubble review, either to purchase the software or not. Those who have decided to use SpyBubble would not be disappointed as the app is genuine and offers what it claims to provide. And, those who have found it unsuitable for their purpose, must have decided the same looking at the constraints that did not fit well with their needs. Whatever you decide, remember, that the SpyBubble app is a very comprehensive all offering set of basic and advanced features. It can be trusted completely. So, if you think it deserves a try, you can go for it.

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Terms & conditions apply
The Spyiz website does not develop, own or sell spy software. It selects the best mobile spy software on very strict criteria: its role is only to inform people wishing to use spy software for their smartphones of the best spy applications that exist today.