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Sprint Family Locator

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  • Software Reliability: It is a reliable program with many benefits for its users.
  • Software Ease of Use: Definitely, an easy app. No need for installation.
  • Software Safety: The safety alerts are already in place.
  • Software Cost: It is highly affordable.

Aren’t we already equipped with the best technology at hand? Knowing that tracking anyone’s location is possible by turning the mobile into a GPS tracker makes us all ears. This is because the technology is very helpful for various purposes. Sprint Family Locator review would talk about one similar software that could assist you in finding the locations in real time. This certainly is one of the most innovative technologies in the mobile industry niche. The question is: Does Sprint Family Locator serves the purpose well?

You can find out the location of any mobile phone from your network you created. The best news is that the app is very accurate. Not only the emergency services, but end users can also make use of these apps. You just have to ensure that the device is synced with the Sprint network and the person is carrying the mobile along. Also, the cell phone must be within the mobile coverage area. If these pre-requisites are all accomplished, you will have no issues finding the real time location of your target.  


Although there many reasons to consider Sprint Family locator review before buying the app, it is also important that you highlight your needs. The article would help illustrate the pros and cons of the app. However, it would only matter if it is assessed as per your requirements. 

GPS locator apps have gained a huge popularity because of the benefits these entails. And, one must understand the various critical situations that these apps can be employed. Even when you have the app services, and you do not know where and why to use it, nothing would make any sense. 

Have you ever felt worried when not able to connect with your kids or partner? With time, we are getting so busy with out schedules that we often forget to call back, leaving our parents and spouse wondering where we would be. Trust this, people can come up with many dangerous thoughts when not able to reach their loved ones. Why to make that so much of a concern, when you have the solution for that? A simple is capable of keeping all of your family members connected whenever it is required to check the whereabouts. 

Lost phones are not something new. We do misplace our devices when travelling or leaving out of a restaurant. In case, this happens all the time with your kids, why not connect them through Sprint Family Locator? The app would solve the trouble of checking all the probable places. You can just find out where it is lying. 

Moving on, you can also help keep your old parents safe. Elderly people are often bound to forget about streets and locations. This app would always keep them in your radar. You can find their location whenever needed. A very intuitive app for keeping your family secure.  

Things to Know Before You Buy

Well, before you start making a move, you must know few things about the app that would help you stay informed. And, will also save you from making a useless investment. As you know that every app has certain limitations when it comes to supporting a device. This is true in the case of Sprint Family Locator as well. Hence, finding out this specific information would assist you in taking the right decision.

You must also find out the features that the app provides. Although we know it well that the app is kind of GPS locator, we must find out what exactly it does. Would it provide location for one device or for multiple device? Questions like these must be visited and resolved before paying for the app.

You cannot just start using the app. You must know what it entails. Did you find out if the app attacks the mobile speed or not? These are some serious concerns and must be tackled before you purchase the tracking app. 

With some vigilance and proper scrutiny, you can make the right judgement that would benefit you as well as your family.

Sprint Family Locator Review

Sprint Family Locator Review

Any application that you decide to introduce to your smartphones must be screened in detail. This is very important and must be followed religiously. You do not like to end up installing a malware to your device. Moreover, why to pay for an app that does not do as promised. There are a number of alternatives which may provide you a different picture about their capabilities and won’t be anywhere close to those claims. There are tracking apps that often are complex and don’t provide accurate results. Plus, few companies suck at providing customer support. 

Keeping all these in mind, you must read the complete Sprint Family Locator review to find out entire detail of the app. It would help you get an impression of all the perks that the software offers as well as the limitations you might expect. 

The article talks about the different aspect of the app and clears any confusion that you might have. Sprint Family Locator is a popular app, but would it solve your challenges, that is the question you must ask. Hence, do not ignore any fact and choose the solution, only and if only, it matches your requirements.

How Does Sprint Family Locator Work


The first thing to notice is that the program requires the java-enabled platforms and devices for identifying locations of your family member. To make it work, you also require the internet connection. 

Now that you know about the pre-requisite, it is crucial to choose the app if your family members are using the Sprint compatible phones. Otherwise, the program would not be able to find out the location of those devices. 

To browse the locations, you can use multiple platforms such as mobile phones, tablets, computers. The location tracker is easy to use and very reliable. Plus, Sprint provides prompt access to real-time interactive satellite maps. This also includes the street addresses as well as landmarks.

It does have the safety check features (discussed later in the article) to help keep parents notified all the times. The other additions such as texting abilities using the mobile network or the internet makes the job even simpler. With affordable price, the app provides an overall solution to those who wish to keep tabs on the real time locations. To check the locations of your family members, you can use the online dashboard. 

Also, the app is very popular among users from around the globe. Those getting on the trial versions have moved on the paid ones after satisfactory results.

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sprint family locator

Did you sign up already? You must look at the features that the app provides. These many not be enough for some but quite considerate for others. Hence, The Sprint Family Locator review lists the complete feature set to help you get a detailed insight of the capabilities of the program. 

Not many apps have this feature, but this one does. You do not need to download or install any app on the phone to start tracking locations. This feature comes handy when you want to track location of a phone lacking modern programmable features available with smartphones.

Sprint offers great security to its users. It comes with various privacy tools built within the service. Among those few, the major one is the notifications that it sends. For example, when you sign up, the target phone would receive a text that it is added to the tracking network. This means that the app cannot be used by just anyone for tracking your phone. It does send alerts from time to time warning the target device that it can be tracked.

Plus, the app requires authentication to access the locations. For example, if you are the user and wish to locate the target devices, you must login using your username and password to access the results. No one, apart from you, would be able to view those phone’s locations, unless you share the credentials yourself. 

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Compatibility Information

As mentioned before, the program can be used only for the java enabled devices. Moreover, to access the dashboard, the device must be Android 4.0 or above. Although you do not need to install the app on the phones, you must take care of these points.

The program is not compatible with iPhone or MAC.

Pricing / Free Trial

The program works with a subscription. It charges $5.99 per month, if you choose for automatic billing. It also offers 15 days free trial. Hence, you can make use of the app for free for first 15 days. Later, if you wish to continue, you can choose to pay for the plan. 

Installation and Setup

As already said, the program runs without a need for installation. Hence, you do not have to download any software. Though the app is available on Google store, you may choose not to download it. However, it does improve the program’s performance. 

To start tracking, you must sign up for the Sprint Family Locator. This would suggest you with the next steps and help you complete the account creation process. You must use the parent phone number as the username and set the password as desired to finish signing up. 

The app allows you to add the phones of your family members. Also, you can add names to the locations. To check the location of a specific phone, added to your account, you can just select the device and the location would be displayed. 

You can add at most five devices at once. 

Download Sprint Family Locator

Customer Service

To avail the benefits of customer service, you must submit a request through their website. It works with the ticketing system. Your query generated would be submitted to the support team and they would respond with resolution. 

Although they have considerate number of FAQs with detailed explanation available on their website, you may sometime have to depend on their technical services directly. However, the reach isn’t very interactive and you must wait until the reply comes back. It usually does not take more than one or two days, but you never know. The Sprint Family Locator review of customers do tell a satisfying story. In short, you can trust their services. 


Here is what you can expect of this program. 

Pros / Cons
  • You get to enjoy 15-days free trial
  • At once, you can monitor five devices.
  • It offers interactive and simple interface
  • Security checks are available
  • It is affordable
  • Stay tuned with your device locations all the times
  • The app is password protected. Hence, kids cannot tamper with the settings ever.
  • The compatibility is primarily limited to the Sprint phones
  • Without the internet access, the GPS won’t work

Parameters Influencing the Buying Decision

Read a quick bite from the Sprint Family Locator Review to get to the final decision without any confusion.

Software Reliability: It is a reliable program with many benefits for its users.

Software Ease of Use: Definitely, an easy app. No need for installation. Just sign up and configure the settings to start tracking devices.

Software Build and Design: It offers user-friendly dashboard for easy monitoring.

Software Safety: The safety alerts are already in place. Plus, it is password protected. No one, except you, can make changes to the settings or can view the dashboard.

Software Cost: It is highly affordable. And, comes with 15 days free trial as well.


Those who are looking for a complete monitoring app may not find this program capable enough. The reason is that the app is designed for providing tracking solutions. That is the only motive of this alternative which it serves with complete satisfaction. 

If you wish to keep an eye on your family members for staying safe, Sprint Family Locator review would help identify the perks of the program. It is reliable, trustworthy, and affordable as well. And, who won’t like to check the free trial if you are allowed to cancel the subscription anytime?

Sprint Family Locator

Affordable Price

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The Spyiz website does not develop, own or sell spy software. It selects the best mobile spy software on very strict criteria: its role is only to inform people wishing to use spy software for their smartphones of the best spy applications that exist today.