Qustodio Review: Can You Trust This Promising Spy App?

qustodio review

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  • Software Reliability: The app is reliable.
  • Software Ease of Use: It is easy to use and takes not more than few minutes for installation.
  • Software Safety: It is safe to use.
  • Software Cost: This is an affordable app. 

Many may confuse it with the name, Qustodio, as it does not resemble any of the similar apps. However, that does not mean it is any less than its counterparts in terms of functionalities. Qustodio review aims at exploring the various benefits that the spying software offers as well as the limitation it entails. You can check out the complete article to uncover the hidden facts about this app as well as to clarify any confusion that you may have.

Qustodio has been around for a couple of years now. It offers a compelling feature list that is highly comprehensive and sorted. It has also come up with cheaper plans lately. You can choose among these plans after assessing the capabilities of this software. Is this monitoring app, the value for price or too expensive to deserve the cost it charges? Read the Qustodio review to make an informed decision.


Qustodio spy app

Monitoring apps, with increased demand, have evolved to become one stop solution for many purposes and user needs. Either you are a parent, looking to secure your child from online threats or you wish to look after the company’s confidential data from being compromised, these apps could save your day during various unexpected situations. 

Many individuals also use spywares to monitor the activities of their partners and spouses doubtful of cheating or hiding things that may concern them. With many reasons for accessing these apps, there is no question why spywares are becoming so popular. 

In midst of all this, the surging number of choices does create trouble when finding that one app with required features. It is also a fact that not every app is reliable. Thankfully, there are few options that are trustworthy as well as capable enough to solve all our security related issues.

Qustodio is not just another app in the list but features the most balanced combination of standard as well as advanced tools for monitoring the target device.

Things to Know Before You Buy

No wonder that you are looking at this article. It must mean that you have been thinking of getting Qustodio for monitoring your kids’, partner’s or employees’ device. The good news is that you are looking at the right page. 

We would discuss about Qustodio, however, you must keep certain tips up your sleeves before opting for this app or any other spyware.

The first thing you must check is the compatibility of the app with your concerned device. If the app does not support the platform of the phone you wish to monitor, you would end nowhere. In addition, you should also ensure that the OS version is supported by the spyware. There are times when the app does support a particular platform but is compatible with specific OS versions. So, you must gather all those details before progressing with your final decision.

In addition, you should also check for the specific features that are of high priority. Every app offers its own set of features. You must check those details before planning to pay. 

Not just that, you must also find out if the security solution requires you to jailbreak or root your device for accessing the app. Some individuals may not agree for the same. Hence, if that is a constraint you cannot accept, choose the app accordingly.

Apart from support and other few specifications, you should also read the app’s terms of use. This is to ensure you abide to the legal use of the app. In case you wish to install the app on someone’s device that does not belong to you, you may be charged by the law. With that said, when using on the employees’ mobile phone, do not install the app on the personal device, but the one offered by the company. 

Qustodio Review

Most of the times, apps brag about their unmatched and exclusive features but do nothing as promised. However, there are few options that allows us to achieve our monitoring goals without any hassle. To find such software, it is important to find out everything that is related to the chosen app. In case of Qustodio, we would also go through every claim made by the company and see how efficient it is in its performance. 

The monitoring apps are designed for a cause, to safeguard our loved ones. And, these must be safe to install on our devices. Hence, you must also look for the apps that offers data privacy instead of stealing your personal information. These apps must not get you into any kind of trouble such as malwares on online identity theft and various others. 

Taking all these into account, we have come up with the Qustodio review to provide in depth knowledge of the features, compatibility and many related details of the app. Tune in with us till the end to know exactly what you can expect with this monitoring solution and what you cannot.  

How Does Qustodio Work

Working of most of the monitoring apps is same. To let it work, you must install the app on the target device. Doing so, would allow the app to work in the stealth mode and access all the information pertaining to the online activities from the target phone. These details are saved in the form of data logs and are stored on the server.

If you wish to access these details, you must login to your dashboard, explained later in the article. The best part is that, the monitoring happens discreetly. In other words, the target device would never know if the phone is being scanned for data logs. The app runs in the background, staying undetectable. 

Qustodio is a smart app that understands the importance of data privacy. Hence, you can be assured that the information of the device is safe and not accessible to anyone other than you. 

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Qustodio review timeline

If you are looking for a reliable app that offers suitable feature list to help safeguard your kids, you must give Qustodio a try. Although it can be used for other purposes too, it is mostly designed to help parents. The features curated by the app does sing the same story. 

Check Call Logs: This is the most basic feature available with almost all the monitoring apps. So, why not with Qustodio? This app also lets you check all the phone numbers dialled or the ones calling the target device. Moreover, it offers all the details related to the time of call, duration of call etc. You can find out each and every number that lands on your kid’s phone. As well as those contacts that are dialled from the phone. In short, this app allows you to keep a track of every individual in contact with your young one. Isn’t that very necessary to keep your kids safe?

Block Phone Calls: This one again is a very useful feature. You may not like few contacts to call or disturb your young one. You can just block those contacts from your dashboard, and they would not be able to reach the target device. Most of all, you can actually control your kid and allow them to talk to known and specific contacts. 

View Messages: Using Qustodio, parents can also check the received and sent messages. The messages would be displayed with the time and other details. One can read every message reaching kid’s phone. This would provide you better understanding of the individuals who talk to your kids. You can filter the ones that are suspicious and seem to be a threat for your growing child. 

Manage Social Media Activities: The app allows you to check the social media updates. Either Facebook or Instagram, you can check every update from the target device. Social media accounts are most susceptible to the cyber threats. Hence, this feature is very much required when watching your kids to keep them away from cyberbullies.

Block Apps and Games: Because this is mostly for parents, it will make more sense if it lets them block the inappropriate apps and games. Children, now a days, spend a lot of time playing on their mobile phones. Also, they could start using apps such as Tinder which may put them into problems. Parents can block the unwanted apps and games that are addictive. This might help in redirecting their kid’s energy to something useful.

Live Location: Qustodio ensures to include all the major features that are often needed by parents to keep their kids safe. And, this one is definitely very crucial among all. The app tells parents the accurate map coordinates of their kids. No matter where they go, you can always know where to find them. Only by accessing the dashboard, you can find out the current location. You can even check the location history.

Geofencing: To make tracking more precise, you can set the safe and unsafe locations on the digital map. Whenever your kid will leave the safe marked area, you will be notified for the same. Hence, you can take quick action, if needed.

Set Screen Time: This is one of the most wonderful features of this app. Unlike other apps that do not let you set screen time separately for different devices, this one does. You can set screen time for study, play, sleep and much more. You can allow certain hours during daytime or block the usage completely during sleep time. You can also set time for different apps usage. 

Panic Button: Your child can always turn up for your help, when in danger. This is possible with the help of panic button. Just by pressing the button, you would be alerted about the threat. A very easy way to reach your kids when they need you the most.

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Compatibility Information


The app is compatible with almost every platform. You can use it on Windows PC, laptops, Android, iOS devices, Tablets as well as Kindle. 

Pricing / Free Trial

Qustodio offers free as well as paid subscriptions. However, the free version comes with very limited features and may lack prompt support services. Hence, it is better to choose the paid version, if you are serious about the safety of your kids.

Small Plan: For 3 Devices

  • 12 Month: $39.95 

Medium Plan: For 5 Devices

  • 12 Month: $54.95

Large Plan: For 10 Devices

  • 12 Month: $96.95

All these subscriptions include all the premium features available with Qustodio.

Installation and Setup

To start the installation, you must create an account with the web interface that the app suggests. The account creation won’t take long. It would ask you to create child profiles with their specific basic details such as name, age etc.

You would get sufficient tips from the web interface while downloading and installing the apps on the kids’ devices. These steps are well written and could easily be comprehended. Once you do that, you can use the dashboard to check the data logs. The dashboard can be accessed by logging in to the account you created with Qustodio.

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Customer Service

It offers decent customer service. You need to submit the request through their web page and they reach within 48 hours. 


Here are the pros and cons of using Qustodio:

Pros / Cons
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Support multiple devices at a time
  • Compatible with all the popular platforms
  • Great feature list
  • Lack of 24 by 7 support

Parameters that Influence the Buying Decision

You must assess all the factors that may affect your buying decision. Here is a recap of Qustodio review.

Software Reliability: The app is reliable.

Software Ease of Use: It is easy to use and takes not more than few minutes for installation.

Software Build and Design: It offers user-friendly interface to its customers.

Software Safety: It is safe to use.

Software Cost: This is an affordable app. 


Looking at the Qustodio review, it is very lucid that the app is worth a try. It does offer enough features and cares for the safety of its users. A 24 by 7 technical support would have been welcomed too. 

qustodio review

FREE Trial Available

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The Spyiz website does not develop, own or sell spy software. It selects the best mobile spy software on very strict criteria: its role is only to inform people wishing to use spy software for their smartphones of the best spy applications that exist today.