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WhatsApp messenger is undeniably the most used instant messenger around the globe. It offers similar fascination for youngsters as well as adults. A smartphone without WhatsApp seems incomplete. Hence, spying on this IM becomes very important if you are trying to find the complete truth about your cheating partner. Using MSPY WhatsApp monitoring app, you can check all the texts shared by the target user. Plus, you get to check the multimedia files shared via WhatsApp as well. 

In many cases, WhatsApp holds crucial leads about cheaters. Because the app is popular more than the usual mobile carrier texting, it is no wonder why you must target this software to look through that charming smile of your spouse. A better reason to opt for MSPY is to ensure that the target phone stays safe. As you must know that WhatsApp sniffer apps could sometimes be risky to use, it is wise to select the one with trusted user base. And, if that is what you are looking for, nothing matches MSPY is terms of reliability.

MSPY is a very powerful app that offer huge benefits to its users. With useful features, it does provide other perks too. Moreover, you can check live location, find out the call details and do much more with the software. Plus, it is easy to install as well as use. 

What Makes MSPY WhatsApp the Best Choice?

Mspy Spy App

You must be willing to know the right reasons for choosing MSPY WhatsApp over other alternatives. So, why not find it out. The app is intuitive and very practical. It aims at easing the entire monitoring process by offering straight forward instructions. Hence, further helping users to make most out of this worthy app. 


The first and foremost reason is already mentioned above. MSPY is a reliable app. And, you can be assured of the data privacy when installing it on the target phone. Unlike scams and malware software, this choice keeps you secure and protected at all cost. Your data is not shared with anyone and can only be accessed using your unique password. You can set a strong password difficult to decrypt when creating the MSPY account. The data logs saved on the server would only be visible to you through your personal dashboard.

Works in Stealth Mode

What else? The best part is that the app works in stealth mode. And, it does not slow down the target phone. Even if it does, the change is so nominal that it cannot be observed simply when using the phone. This is one of the most crucial part of monitoring, keeping the target phone in complete dismissal. MSPY WhatsApp app accomplishes this goal with complete satisfaction. You can keep monitoring the device and your partner would never know about it.

Non-Root and Non-Jailbreak Solution Available

Moving on, MSPY can be installed on the phone without jailbreaking or rooting the device. However, if you wish to track WhatsApp messages, you must root the android phone. In case of iPhone, jailbreaking is not necessary for viewing WhatsApp activities.

No Installation Needed for iPhone

For even better customer experience, the app offers easy installation for Android phones. For non-jailbroken iPhone, you do not even need to install the app. You can just enter the iCloud credential when registering your MSPY account. And, the syncing of data would start right away. Only, you must ensure that the target phone is connected with the internet and the two way authentication is turned off.

24 by 7 Customer Service and 7 Days Free Trial

MSPY is known for its amazing customer support that is always prompt. You do not have to wait for hours for someone to respond to your problem. Rather, they resolve the queries in real time, unless it’s a complex one.

Plus, MSPY offers its customer the free trial for 7 days. No company offers more than 7 days of free trial. Most of the popular ones have 1 to 3 days of free trial. And, others do not even offer such privileges to the users. With MSPY, you do not even have to enter the details of your credit or debit card to access the free trial.   

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How to Track WhatsApp Messages Using MSPY?

Mspy Whatsapp

Now that you have found out all the perks related to the software, it is time to check out its working. MSPY is a very interactive app with tremendous number of guides and instructions available on their website. Plus, you also receive an email on your registered ID with all the tips to install the app successfully.

In order to track WhatsApp message using MSPY WhatsApp, here is what you need to do.

Step 1

Choose the subscription from the MSPY website. They have got the different payment plans. You can choose between the basic and the premium versions. There is also a no-jailbreak plan separately. MSPY accepts different payment options. You can make the online payment to subscribe for the chosen plan. 

Step 2:    

While subscribing, you are requested to enter your personal details such as name and email address. Ensure to enter the correct email address. All the instructions related to the app installation as well as the activation code would be sent on this specific email address.  

Step 3:

You can create the account for your MSPY WhatsApp. Do not forget to keep your password handy or else, you may forget it later. Anyway, you have the option for recovering your MSPY account password.

Step 4:

MSPY will send the link for downloading the app on your smartphone. You need to access the target device to continue with the installation. You must allow download from the third party website in case you are using an Android phone. For jailbroken iPhone, you would also need to install the app. Use the complete instructions shared by MSPY to download and then install the app. 

Step 5:

Do not forget to choose the app to run in the stealth mode. You can also customize the settings as per your preferences. Ensure that you allow remote monitoring of the device when customizing the app on the target device. All these tips would already be there in the email you receive. Hence, you must religiously check every tip instead of skipping.

Step 6:

Later, you can login to your control panel using the username and password for MSPY account. This would take you to your personal dashboard. On the left side, you can find all listed features to monitor. WhatsApp is also available in that same menu. Click on WhatsApp and it would show you the related activities from the target phone.

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Features of MSPY WhatsApp

Mspy whatsapp

So, the question is: what all details can we check from the target’s WhatsApp account? Well! You can check almost every information. The app allows you to check the messages and texts shared via WhatsApp. It also helps users find out the contact details of the individual connected with the target device. 

Plus, you can monitor all the calls made through WhatsApp. It would help you with the time, duration and date of each call made or landed on the target phone’s WhatsApp account. Wait, there is more. 

It lets you check the multimedia files shared with the device. You can check images, videos, audio files and much more. With MSPY WhatsApp, you can find out everything that is happening with the target phone’s WhatsApp account. 

The easy to use interface assists users to find all the detail without any hassle. Apart from WhatsApp, other tools are right in front of the screen. From live location to Facebook monitoring to more than 25 different features are all available from one single dashboard.

You just have to choose the tab that you wish to monitor and the app would provide every detail precisely. Hence, it is created for every individual. You do not need to master hacking. All you need is the MSPY app to find out what is going on with your partner’s life which may affect your relationship and its future.

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The Conclusion

Relationships are complex. We often try to give our 100 percent to strengthen our bond, but one mistake could take away all those efforts in matter of seconds. However, we all have the right to know about the truth, even if it costs our trust. There is no good reason for sparing your partner and letting him or her cheat on you.

MSPY WhatsApp understands that right of yours and brings you the most intuitive app to help catch the cheater. Either a husband or a wife, cheating is never justified. A relationship is based on trust and if one partner is blind enough to see what’s matter, he or she must be confronted. Using the app, you can collect all the proofs and find out everything that could assist in making your side stronger. Do not let anyone take advantage of your innocence. You can give it back too. 

Mspy Facebook Tracker

FREE Trial Available

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The Spyiz website does not develop, own or sell spy software. It selects the best mobile spy software on very strict criteria: its role is only to inform people wishing to use spy software for their smartphones of the best spy applications that exist today.