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iPhones have emerged as one of the most popular smartphones providing high security to their owners. It offers two factor authentication which is impossible to break. That is why, a lot of spywares do not offer support for iOS platforms. That does not mean you cannot monitor your partner’s iPhones if he or she seems to be cheating you. There are many individuals who often worry about being unable to track their partner’s phone when needed because it happens to be an iPhone. And, even if they find a solution, they need to jailbreak the phone to continue with installation of the app. However, this is not the case with MSPY iPhone tracker. This software is highly intuitive and offers great advantages to its users. 

MSPY has been ranked among the best monitoring apps with long years of existence. It has been able to attract millions of users from around the world. Almost every progressive nation has a few users registered in the name of MSPY. Moreover, knowing its ability to help those owning iPhone, it has become even more desirable. So, what all things can be done using MSPY and how can it be installed on the device? Let us look at different things that you must know before purchasing the subscription of the app.

How to Install MSPY iPhone Tracker?

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This must be the first thing that would pop in your mind when planning to use the app. After iPhones increased its security, a lot of companies stopped providing support for this platform. However, few took that opportunity to come out as strong solutions and started offering better features with new plans and options for users.

MSPY iPhone app is one such example which has a number of choices for the users. You can choose between payment plans as well as you can opt between non-jailbroken as and jailbroken solutions for iOS devices. The installation process differs in both the cases. 

For Jailbroken iPhone

If you want to use the complete feature available with the software, you must choose to jailbreak the device. MSPY offers clear instructions for jailbreaking the device. It is not a difficult task and can be completed in a few steps. The best part is that there are no fees charged for jailbreaking a device. Once the iPhone is jailbroken, you must install the app using the tips provided you in the email. You must also create an account with the MSPY app and pay for the subscription plan. 

To install the app, you can use the specified URL which will help you get the download link for the target phone. The installation takes not more than a couple of minutes. After the app is installed and customized, it would run in the stealth mode. Hence, the target device would not know about it while it will continue collecting all the information from the smartphone. 

You can login to the dashboard with your MSPY account credentials. The dashboard will show the entire data logs. You just need to hop from one tab to another to look for the particular data files. It is very simple and can be accomplished by almost anyone with the basic knowledge of mobile and the internet.

For Non-Jailbroken iPhone

Do you know that jailbreaking is not always preferred? This is because jailbreaking would take away the privileges you receive with the warranty terms. Plus, it would also impose your iPhone to malwares and threats. MSPY iPhone app makes it easy for you to spy iPhone remotely without needing to jailbreak the device.

However, you must ensure that the target iPhone is synced with the iCloud storage. Moreover, the two factor authentication must be turned off. After you make these changes to the iPhone settings, you can continue with monitoring. Plus, you do not need to install the app on the target device.

So, how would you monitor the phone without installing MSPY? It is very simple. While you subscribe for the payment plan and create the account, you would be asked to enter the iCloud credentials of the target device. After you enter the details, the account will be synced with the target phone’s iCloud account. All the information would be collected from there and presented on your dashboard. As already mentioned, to check your dashboard, you can login to the MSPY account with the set credentials and monitor the phone.

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What Are the Features Offered by MSPY iPhone?

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A lot of users do call MSPY a very basic software. The fact is, most of the features offered by MSPY is standard ones. But this does not mean that the app is all about basic tools. It does provide some of the advanced features, making its monitoring application worthwhile. Plus, you get 24 by 7 support to get the best out of this software.

Monitor Call Logs: If your partner seems to talking to someone too much, you have the right to know who it is. Calls at nights aren’t very usual, unless it relates to the work. Sudden increase to bathroom visits together with the phone could also make you all ears. However, all these tips would have no meaning, unless you find out who your partner is talking to. In case, if you are also looking for the same answer, why not use MSPY iPhone and find out what you wish to know. The app helps with all the related details of the call logs. From duration to time and date of call to the number of the caller, you can find out every inch of information. 

Check Instant Messenger Texts and Call Details: You are not thinking of skipping the internet messengers. It won’t be wise at all. These days, mobile carriers aren’t used for calling as much as the IMs are being used. These have also become the major texting tools. Either its WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype or Hangout, your partner could be using any of the popular apps to connect with the other person. You can check call logs details of IMs as well as the texts shared via these famous applications.  

View Emails: Personal emails could also give you a few leads. Why not try everything possible before coming to the conclusion. Trust cannot be gained again. So, do not confront your partner without any proofs. The ball would be in your spouse court, if you are found to be making pointless allegations. Check email and find out the chats and conversations happening through mails.

Monitor Address Book: You can also check the contacts saved on the target device. It would help you with each information saved pertaining to the particular phone number. You can stay ahead of your cheating partner at all times.

View Calendar and Notes: Is your partner making plans that you do not know about. Check the calendar entries and the notes to know what is going to happen next. What if you find a date schedule before it happens? The best way to catch your spouse red handed would be on a dinner date, isn’t it?

Multimedia Files: Yes, you can view all the multimedia files saved on the target phone. The images, videos, audio files and what not. These could also give you some leads. Who knows your partner must be saving some of the pictures of that person he or she is dating with?

Geofencing: Using this feature, you can put restrictions to the places your partner can visit without any problem. This can be marked on the digital map. Hence, whenever, your partner would leave that safe zone, you would be notified through alerts about the same. You can use that opportunity to question your spouse. And, seek truth which you already know about. So, there won’t be any question of you falling for your partner’s lies.       

Keylogger: We already have so much to do with this app, so why to forget about keylogger. This feature is helpful in finding the passwords of applications as well as messages that was typed but never sent. It would save all the keystrokes pressed by the target device and would present it to you on the dashboard. You can decipher login credentials for almost every application saved on the target iPhone.

The availability of features would depend on the plan you choose. With no-jailbreak subscription, you won’t be able to use the entire functionalities. Rather, a limited number of features would be available. However, with a jailbreak solution, you get to enjoy each and every feature available with MSPY iPhone.

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The Conclusion

A cheating partner is not something new. It happens to a lot of individuals. However, there are only few who are ever able to notice and find out the truth. Isn’t it the right of every person to expect a transparent relationship free of lies and fraud? If yes, MSPY iPhone is a genuine choice. You can check every online detail of your spouse and confront him or her with all the proofs you need. Stay informed and do not let your innocence fool you.

Mspy Facebook Tracker

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The Spyiz website does not develop, own or sell spy software. It selects the best mobile spy software on very strict criteria: its role is only to inform people wishing to use spy software for their smartphones of the best spy applications that exist today.