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Most of the monitoring apps are expensive with many features not often needed for some purposes. If you have the same concern, why not look for the right options that offer a balance between estimated budget and monitoring tools. One such app is MSPY Android solution. The app is for all those who find it a waste of money to spend on functionalities that they may never use. MSPY brings with itself the most comprehensive set of features for every user. Either you are looking to tab your kid’s online activities or wanting to find your spouse’s secret affair, MSPY Android would help you make the right move. 

It offers safe monitoring experience with years of tested performance and millions of users to its list. You can find its usage in almost every part of the world where it provides its services. This is one of the most famous choices among those preferring reliable options. What makes this software such an attractive alternative? Or, what feature does it provide? We would discuss all these questions later in the article. As of now, you must know that MSPY is worth a try. 

When to Use MSPY Android?

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As stated, the app is useful for many purposes. However, it gets you the best results when trying to clear your doubts about your spouse affair. Most of the times, all we need is a text conversation to get to the conclusion. So, why to use an app that has bundle of advanced features which you would anyway not use after you have found out the truth. 

With so many useful features, you can track your partner’s activities and know the secret that he or she is hiding. You can check messages, chats and much more. If you wish to track your spouse location, you can do that too. How many times you feel that the odd hour meetings are just an excuse to hide something wrong? The probability of such doubts turning true isn’t high. But it cannot be ignored. Plus, if your doubts aren’t genuine, you would feel better anyway. Confronting your spouse without a proof would only lead to unending fights. 

MSPY Android app helps you tackle these crucial situations with complete confidence. You can be sure of every doubt and put allegations accordingly. Or else, if its your good luck, your spouse may not be cheating on you at all. 

In any case, it would be a win-win situation. So, why not go for it?

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How to Use MSPY Android?

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It is quite natural to be curious about the working of MSPY app. You can spy android mobiles with this app remotely, without needing to access the phone all the time. Except when you install the app on the target device. In other words, you would require to hold the phone once when you would setup the app on your partner’s device. From there on, you can keep the updates of the chats and messages and much more without reaching out for the device. 

To do so, you can subscribe for the payment plan. This is when you are required to create an account with the MSPY website using your email address. You will receive an email with all the instructions on your email address. Make sure to follow all the steps religiously. Also, it is necessary to ensure that the app is set to work in the stealth mode. You must customize the app accordingly. Or else, you may be caught before you even get to know what’s happening at your partner’s end. 

So, stay focused and do the right thing. The best part is that the installation process would not take more than a minute or two. It can be installed instantly. You just need to allow the remote monitoring for the device before finishing the setup.

Once you complete the settings, you do not have to touch the phone again. By logging into the dashboard, you would be able to check every details of the phone. Remember, the app is designed to provide safety to you and your loved ones. Do not misuse the app for any reason. Monitor the data logs and take decisions wisely. 

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Features of MSPY

The app is known to provide some of the best and comprehensive set of features to help you carry basic monitoring. One of the best alternatives to find out your partner’s affair, it is also great choice for parents looking to monitor their kids. The features are completely based on the purpose and are very helpful.

Monitor Call Logs

Monitor Call Logs Mspy

Does your partner talk a lot on phone when home? Does he or she likes to talk secretly? All these leads point us to something unusual. If that is the case with you, why not monitor the call logs. Often, when in an affair, one is likely to dial the same number most of the times. And, mostly when you are not around. You can check the complete call logs with the date, time, duration of calls to find out anything that seems suspicious.

Check Texts

One more way to gain better insight of what your spouse talks about is to check the texts. When at home, it is difficult to be on call when you are around. That is the time when texts are used frequently. Checking each and every conversation would help you find out the truth. It is impossible to get away when the messages are being monitored. And, your partner won’t escape either. 

Monitor Address Book

No more hiding when you have the MSPY Android. Using the app, you can check the entire contact list with details like email address, name and other information. 

Internet Browsing History

This may not be a great help when catching your husband of adultery. However, it would be very useful in finding out if your kids are browsing improper content on the web. 

App Usage

You can always stay ahead of your cheating husband. Do you think your husband or wife has this habit of flirting with unknown people? That may not be possible to find out by looking at the calls or messages. However, you can find out if your partner is using any dating app to accomplish such goals. In such scenarios, you can ensure that you keep a check on the app’s usage. 

He or she could be on Tinder without your knowledge and chatting with strangers. This isn’t justified and you should not tolerate the same. 

Social Media Monitoring

The flirting behaviour can be caught through messenger chats as well. You must check the Facebook messenger, Instagram messenger, WhatsApp and other popular apps to ensure your partner isn’t fooling you around. These apps are used almost by everyone. And, your partner’s fling must be using these too. You must not leave any stone unturned when catching what’s going on with your partner’s secret life.

Live Location Tracking

Do not know where you spouse is? Check it out with the help of location tracking. You can find out the current location of the target device without any hassle. It provides accurate coordinates. Plus, you also have the privilege to add virtual fence on the digital map. If your husband leaves office and goes somewhere else instead of coming back, you would be notified instantly. How about giving your husband an unexpected surprise? Meet him when he is expecting you the least and catch him red-handed.


If the messenger chats aren’t enough, log into the apps yourself. With keylogger feature, you can check all the keystrokes made by the target phone. You can even find out the passwords of applications installed on the device. You would know everything. Isn’t that exciting?

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The Conclusion

What a trap you can set using MSPY? Isn’t it completely intriguing as well as useful? The app is very progressive and offers great benefits to the users. It is loaded with perks and advantages. Plus, you can try the app for 7 days for free. The free trial does not require you to enter your card details as well. You can start monitoring for free and continue that for a week. This would help you better understand the app and its capabilities. However, you must not judge the tools based on the trial version as it offers limited features. But a great way to get acquainted with the software.

MSPY Android is a very genuine choice. From prices to functionalities, the company has taken care of everything. You can contact support anytime. It also allows you to stay vigilant with alerts and proper notifications. With efficient and consistent service, MSPY happens to be among those few apps that deliver as expected. You would be happy to use the software. And, the interface is highly user-friendly. Letting you browse through different data logs without any hassle. You won’t need anything else. And, you can use the monthly subscription if you do not want to use the app after the purpose is served. Easy and appropriate, isn’t it?

Mspy Facebook Tracker

FREE Trial Available

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The Spyiz website does not develop, own or sell spy software. It selects the best mobile spy software on very strict criteria: its role is only to inform people wishing to use spy software for their smartphones of the best spy applications that exist today.