MMGuardian Review: Can You Trust This Promising Spy App?

MMGuardian Review

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  • Software Reliability: The app is reliable without a pinch of doubt.
  • Software Ease of Use: The download does not take more than a few seconds.
  • Software Safety: The app is safe and does not need you to jailbreak or root the device. 
  • Software Cost: This is an affordable app.

Do you think monitoring your kids online activities is a difficult task? You must have not tried MMGuardian. Reading the MMGuardian review, you can find out what the app entails. The article provides every important detail you must know before paying for its subscription. You can find out the features of the software as well as its limitations. Understanding what the spyware offers would help you make an informed decision. 

Obviously, if you are looking for an app like this, you must have thought of a reason. If that is so, it would be easier to assess the MMGuardian app according to your needs. Otherwise, you may not be able to find out if the app suits your specific requirements or not. This software is designed for various purposes. However, it does call itself a parental control app. Meaning, that the spyware aims to provide best security solution for parents. 

This can be used for safeguarding confidential data as well. And, it goes without saying that you can use the monitoring app for catching your cheating spouse. Alongside all the best features, the app must be safe and reliable to use. In this review, you would find all those facts about MMGuardian. Read the complete article to know why you must choose it or why you must not.



The company which came up with MMGuardian started in 2012. The founders themselves experiencing challenges in monitoring their kids. Hence, the app was born. Hence, you would find almost all the major feature necessary to track your kid’s online activities. That does not mean the app has no shortcomings. Particularly, MMGuardian’s interface isn’t quite friendly. You may find it outdated and less attractive than many other choices available in the market. 

The prices are decent and many other perks offered by the app brings together a complete solution for parents. MMGuardian may not be the best app available, but it does provide efficient results. Many users have used it before and are working with it already. With such intense roots considerable number of years back, MMGuardian has tried its best to fit in the shoes of current trend.

With many upgrades and revisions, the app has managed to fill in for the differences it had with the popular alternatives. However, there are certain things that could be worked out too. Reading the MMGuardian review would help you outline the capabilities of the app in regards to your monitoring goals. If you think its well enough to help your needs, you go with it. Or else, you always have the option to look for more choices. 

Things to Know Before You Buy

There are few major points you must remember before you jump to the conclusion. Monitoring apps come in different packages. In other words, you would find these applications offering varying results with unique feature set. The compatibility also differs. Hence, it is important to assess the chosen app according to your specific monitoring goals.

Starting with the feature list, you must find out the tools your chosen app provides. For example, if you wish to listen to the live calls, you won’t like to compromise with call details. And, if you think the budget won’t be feasible to include such advanced features, you may like to go with the standard one. These things highly affect the choices. Hence, you should not regret later not considering these options. 

The next important factor is the compatibility. Not every app offer compatibility with all platforms. Some are restricted to one platform and others could include multiple choices. Also, if you think your kid changes the device often, you must choose the app that includes switching of multiple platforms and devices. This would save a lot of time and money.

You can also never ignore the importance of technical support. Knowing that the company isn’t offering considerate help to the users must be a huge turn off. There are times when you need assistance promptly. Failing to serve you then and there would only exaggerate your issue. Hence, think calmly and decide patiently.

MMGuardian Review

MMGuardian Review

Are you feeling confused? Do not worry, it is very usual. A lot of individuals take time and decide after they are completely sure. You can also think multiple times before choosing a monitoring app. The MMGuardian review is written to help you expedite your selection process. With all the information at one place, you can easily find out everything that you need to know about the spyware.

It features pros and cons of the app as well as the things that make this app unique and desirable. As the priorities differ for users, it would be best to assess the functionalities of MMGuardian considering your goals. 

How Does MMGuardian Work

The MMGuardian is a simple working app. There isn’t any hassle in setting the app and using it for monitoring purposes. However, you must install it on the target phone first. Doing this, would allow the monitoring app to collect data from the device and update the logs on a regular interval. These data logs are saved on the app’s server. 

Do not worry, the app provides secure network and the access to the data logs from your target device is available only to you. No one, until you share the password for the dashboard would ever be able to check the collected details from your smartphone. 

After the mobile data is synced with the dashboard, you can view all the logs at one place. Giving you freedom to better improve your control over your young one’s social life. 

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mmguardian spy app

The app offers limited features. However, these are capable enough to keep tabs on your kid’s online activities. 

Monitor Kids Messages: Checking messages could be the best way to find out who all are connected with your kids. The conversation would help you distinguish between safe and unsafe contacts. The reports will provide the texts, time of message and all other details. The app lets you block the contacts that are suspicious. The target phone won’t receive messages and calls from those blocked phone numbers.

Get Alerts on Specific Keywords: Your kid is an open book and very curious to know about things that aren’t usual. It may lead them to explore adult content. Also, cyberbullies may try to influence your kids through inappropriate messages. Using these alerts, you can receive notification in case any such conversation starts.

Check Internet Browsing History: Using the app, you can monitor the entire web history and find out the content your kids browse. If you see any adult website, you can block it from your app. You can manage the websites and URLs suitable for your kids and those that aren’t.

Set Screen Time: Does your kids keep chatting at nights when they should be long asleep. Why not lock their screen for the specific intervals? Using the MMGuardian app, you can set screen time and provide the privileges as and when needed.

Live Location Tracking: Now, you can check the live location of your kids whenever you wish. Use the app to know where your kids are in real time. 

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Compatibility Information

The MMGuardian app is compatible with most of the popular smartphones. It works with phones as well as tablets. You can use this monitoring solution on Android as well as iOS devices. 

The features differ as per the choice of the platform. Hence, you must clarify every detail about the set of features available with the particular device in case you opt for MMGuardian. 

Pricing / Free Trial

The pricing is based on subscription. Two plans are available with MMGuardian: For single device and the Family Plan. These plans are also accessible with different payment options depending on the number of months you wish to subscribe for.

Android Phone

Single Device

  • Monthly Subscription: $3.99
  • Annual Subscription: $34.99
  • 5-Year License: $79.99

Family Plan

  • Monthly Subscription: $7.99
  • Annual Subscription: $69.99
  • 5-Year License: $159.99

Android Tablet:

Single Device

  • Monthly Subscription: $1.99
  • Annual Subscription: $14.99

Family Plan

  • Monthly Subscription: $3.98
  • Annual Subscription: $29.98

iPad and iOS

Single Device

  • Monthly Subscription: $1.99
  • Annual Subscription: $19.99
  • 5-Year License: $79.99

Installation and Setup

The application is available on App Store as well as Google Play. This clarifies that the app is completely safe. However, returning to the point, let’s talk about the complete installation. Users have often reviewed about the confusing web portal instructions. So, you can do it on your own. The app would guide you through the complete process. 

Search for “MMGuardian Parental Control App for Kids Phone” on the target phone. It will show the results. Download the app and install it on the device. For parents, there is a different app. You must download that software on your device which is recommended for parents. Make sure you complete the installation in the proper way. Follow every step by reading the instructions popping up during installation. 

In case you have an iOS phone, the parent app’s must be installed using Safari and not the app store. The good news is that the installation does not take more than a couple of minutes. Unlike other apps, it does not ask for your kid’s age or name, which is unusual. 

If you at all want to add that detail, you must use the management app, installed on your device to update the information. You can choose “Phone Settings” and finally, the name of the device. You can use the name that you want. 

Once the installation is complete, you can use your app to monitor all the related online activities. The interface may seem a bit confusing in the beginning, it becomes convenient later when you start working with it on a regular basis. 

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Customer Service

The customer service isn’t available 24 by 7. You can find out answers to most of the queries on their website. If you want to reach the technical support personally, you can make use of their email address. The website says that they offer quick reply taking usually 24 hours. However, you anyway, have to depend on their response when seeking answers to your problems. 

A chat option would have been liked a bit more. 


MMGuardian review encourages us to dig deeper and find out the most common problems as well as perks associated with the app. Here is the pros and cons of MMGuardian that you may like to know explicitly.

Pros / Cons
  • It is a reliable app
  • The app is available on Play store as well as iOS App Store, which is a good thing
  • The features are considerable
  • The interface is confusing a bit
  • 24 by 7 support isn’t available

Parameters Influencing the Buying Decision

Why not check out a quick review before you pay for the subscription? MMGuardian is a capable app with many wonderful features to its list. However, it does have some shortcomings that may seem like a huge challenge to some. Look at what can you expect from this app and decide with complete confidence.

Software Reliability: The app is reliable without a pinch of doubt. It offers everything that it claims.  

Software Ease of Use: The download does not take more than a few seconds. However, if you follow the instructions mentioned on the website, you may feel confused. Otherwise, it is simple to install. 

Software Build and Design: The interface is complex for the first-time user. It could have been kept simpler for better customer experience.  

Software Safety: The app is safe and does not need you to jailbreak or root the device. 

Software Cost: This is an affordable app. The prices are considerate and manageable. 


MMGuardian is a very intuitive app. It offers great perks to its users. It does have few limitations and restricted feature set but the prices are quoted accordingly. Being a less expensive and a budget friendly app, this software is a must try. The MMGuardian review also recommends you the same. Using this app, you can take care of your kids in a better way. Knowing about their online activities would help you determine the call you must take for keeping them safe. 

MMGuardian Review

Affordable Price

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The Spyiz website does not develop, own or sell spy software. It selects the best mobile spy software on very strict criteria: its role is only to inform people wishing to use spy software for their smartphones of the best spy applications that exist today.