KidsGuard Pro Review 2023 – What you Need to Know Before You Buy?

Kidsguard pro review

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  • Software Reliability: The app is reliable and is time tested.
  • Software Ease of Use: It is easy to use with very less effort of installation. 
  • Software Safety: It is a safe option.
  • Software Cost: It is affordable. However, you may miss certain features in the iOS version. 

If you are wondering how this monitoring app would help ensure safety of your child from the internet bullies, you must read the KidsGuard Pro review. It is imperative to have clear understanding of what the current technology entails. Apart from offering important content online, mobile phones often become lethal because of unbarred access. Anyone can browse anything that may not be suitable as per their age. Moreover, the social media accounts used for connecting with known as well as unknown individuals, pose a great threat for youngsters. For all these reasons, it is no surprise why a lot of parents wish to monitor entire online data of their kids. And, it is justified too. 

Being parents, it is our priority to make sure that the kids are safe. With growing competition and a need for better skills, it is crucial to offer our child the best side of the technology. But that does come with its own dark side. Although we cannot just take away that privileges from our children, we can anytime stay connected to the things they accomplish using latest technologies. 


ClevGuard Spy App

There is no way you can sleep peacefully doubting that your kid may be talking to some stranger online during night. This has become very common and a reason for surging cyberattacks. Intruders understand the vulnerability of young kids and focus their attention on harming the underage children. Your son or daughter could be the one too. With that in mind, a lot of parents feel worried. 

In such cases, often parents look for a solution that can help them control the use of internet for good and stay connected with whatever online activities take place on the target device. This is where monitoring apps pitch in. KidsGuard Pro is one such app that lets parents feel relieved even when they cannot be around all the time. 

KidsGuard Pro is offered by ClevGuard, a company involved in developing internet security solutions. KidsGuard Pro is designed to help parents in order to monitor and keep tabs on their kids’ online data. Being a trustworthy phone tracking app, the app has gained huge popularity among users, especially parents.

Reading the KidsGuard Pro review you can also make out if the app is based on your needs or not. The article outlines the benefits as well as limitation of the app to help users take an informed decision.

Things to Know Before You Buy

Kidsguard Pro Review

Buying a monitoring app is not about shuffling different options and making the choice out of blues. One should take into consideration various factors that matters. For example, the first thing parents must look for is the compatibility of the device with the preferred app. Sometimes, app do not support multiple platforms and can work with only one operating system. 

In such cases, our options become highly limited. However, there are those apps as well that support popular platforms, especially Android and iOS. In case of KidsGuard Pro, one can install the app on both these major operating systems. 

Moving on, you should also check if the app needs a rooted or jailbroken phone for installation. You may not be willing to compromise the safety as well as warranty of your device for using a monitoring app. So, you must look for the option that can work without rooting or jailbreaking a phone. KidsGuard Pro offers both the solution, hence, highly recommended.

You must also research about the features that app offers. For example, parental control apps not always let you control the device remotely. You can view the data logs, but it is impossible to block websites or set geo fencing. So, you must have a clear idea of what are you looking to accomplish from the app. That is when you can choose the right software.  

KidsGuard Pro Review

kidsguard pro review

As per the website, the app claims to be the one-stop solution for users wanting to keep track of the online activities as well as few parental control tools to help ensure safety for their kids. And, the KidsGuard review aims at unfolding those claims and verifying what the software really entails. 

KidsGuard Pro is especially designed for those parents who are always worried about the safety of their kids. And, it must offer considerate amounts of features that could take away that stress instilled among parents. The article lists all the perks of using this app. Alongside, it also would try to highlight the limitations that may not be such a great deal for many users, but could be important to few.  

How Does KidsGuard Work

KidsGuard Pro is a parental control app that requires to be installed on the target device. This software then collects all the related data logs from the smartphone and uploads it on the server for users to take a look at it. One can monitor the data logs using the dashboard remotely. Also, the app works in stealth mode, hence, it would be difficult to detect its presence in the target device. For android phone, you would need to access the device for installation. However, in case, you wish to monitor an iPhone, only the iCloud credentials will do the trick.

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Kidsguard Pro Dashboard

KidsGuard Pro offers amazing features and high privacy of the stored data. Plus, you do not have to worry about losing any data from the target device when installing the app. It lets you accomplish a lot of tasks such as call logs monitoring, viewing messages and much more. 

Here are the major features that the app offers. And, these features are the reason why KidsGuard Pro is considered one of the most reliable parental control app.

Monitor Current Location: Using KidsGuard Pro, users can check the current location of the target device. This means that you do not have to depend on anyone to find out where your kid might be hanging out. You can detect the exact location of your child at any time of the day. Moreover, you can check the location history for the entire day.

Geofencing: You can mark locations as safe or dangerous on the digital map, making a virtual boundary for your kid. In case, the target phone crosses the boundary set by you, the alerts would be sent to your mobile. You would be able to monitor the time of entry to the location as well as time spent at the location and other details as well. 

Monitor Call Logs: Always stay ahead of the frauds who wish to harm your kids by ensuring you screen the numbers your kids talk to frequently. Using the app, you can check the call logs, with number, timestamp and many other information regarding the calls made or received by the target device. 

Check the Installed Applications List: There are many apps available online which may not be suitable for your kids because of the age factor. However, it is not easy to keep tracks of those apps. With KidsGuard Pro, things become different. You can check the complete list of apps available on the target phone. 

Monitor Texts: You must check the messages that are sent and received on your kid’s phone. A lot could be shared through texts which may not always be safe. Knowing all the contacts that are in frequent touch with your kid would keep you informed about the social group of your child. You can check the content as well as the files shared with the MMS. 

Monitor the Social Media Accounts: Apart from calls and messages, the social media accounts are the platforms that eat up most of the time of your children when they are online. Hence, it becomes extremely imperative to check what’s happening on these platforms. From Facebook to WhatsApp to Tinder to all the popular social media applications, you can monitor each one of these. 

Check Internet Browsing History: Children may feel an urge to explore the unknown. Sometimes, they may lead them to the adult content. However, for proper upbringing, every information must be shared at the correct age. Hence, you must ensure that the kids aren’t browsing age-inappropriate websites. You can definitely keep a tab on that by monitoring all the websites visited by them and blocking the ones that are not suitable.

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Compatibility Information

KidsGuard Pro is available for Android as well as iOS devices. And, the app can be installed on rooted and non-rooted android phones. Similarly, the solution is available for jailbroken as well as non-jailbroken phones. 

Pricing / Free Trial

The plans are available based on the subscription for the specific number of months. 

Android and iOS

1 Month Plan: $29.95 per month

3 Months Plan: $16.65 per month

1 Year Plan: $8.32 per month

The features vary for iOS and Android. The company offers 30 days money back guarantee. You can discontinue the subscription at any time. 

Installation and Setup

To download the app on the kid’s Android phone, you must need access to the device. Once you have the access, use the browser to open the KidsGuard Pro website and click on add child. You would get the link for downloading the app. After the app is downloaded, you can install it on the phone. You may have to provide permission for installing app from the unknown sources when prompted. 

You can use the email and device code to authorize the account. The device code is accessible after you create an account on the website and buy a subscription. You can activate and setup the account with the instructions available to you on the email as well as on the website.

Doing so would allow you to monitor the data logs from the dashboard assigned to you. In case, you wish to monitor an iOS device, you would not need to install the app at all. You can just enter the iCloud credentials in your account to start monitoring the target phone. 

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Customer Service

The customer service is prompt and available 24 by 5 days in a week. You can expect them to respond right away. Moreover, they have all the necessary instructions available on their website to help users install and setup the app on the target device.


Every app has benefits as well as limitations. KidsGuard Pro is not different at all. Although there are many features that seem useful, there are certain limitations that may seem a big deal for few parents and other users.

Pros / Cons
  • The installation is easy and quick and does not take more than 3-5 minutes.
  • It can work on stealth mode
  • No root or jailbreak is a must requirement for all devices
  • Customer support offers services in multiple language
  • Compatible with android as well as iOS
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Call recording and remote photo clicking is not available for iOS version
  • One device can be monitored with one subscription
  • No free trial available

Parameters that Influence the Buying Decision

Here is a quick review of all the factors that may influence your decision to buy KidsGuard Pro. You must go through the same to ensure you do not regret later.

Software Reliability: The app is reliable and is time tested. It is being used by many parents and spouse to ensure transparency and security.

Software Ease of Use: It is easy to use with very less effort of installation. 

Software Build and Design: The interface is very easy to apprehend. Anyone with basic knowledge of internet and computers can operate the app.

Software Safety: It is a safe option. With so many users already making use of the software, you can too depend on this app for data monitoring.

Software Cost: It is affordable. However, you may miss certain features in the iOS version. 


KidsGuard Pro review clears the different benefits of the app and how it could be utilized by parents and other users in finding the truth. It is easy to use and has almost every necessary feature for staying alert and keeping your loved ones safe.

Kidsguard pro review

FREE Trial Available

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The Spyiz website does not develop, own or sell spy software. It selects the best mobile spy software on very strict criteria: its role is only to inform people wishing to use spy software for their smartphones of the best spy applications that exist today.