IkeyMonitor Review: Not Perfect, But It Is the Best

ikeymonitor review

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  • Software Reliability: The app is very reliable. It is being used by thousands of users worldwide and is available in multiple languages and countries.
  • Software Ease of Use: The software has a user friendly interface and intuitive features. It is easy to use.
  • Software Safety: IkeyMonitor is trustworthy with such great number of existing users.
  • Software Cost: The app may seem costly when compared to the other spy apps.

Being parents isn’t easy. You come up with threating thoughts every now and then when not able to look through the life of your kid. There are many ways your kids could be harmed or misinterpreted. Cyber bullying becoming so common, along with other online threats that every parent seeks a solution that can keep them in loop of what’s happening in their kid’s life. Let us check out the IkeyMonitor review to know if that is at all possible. And, if it is, how?


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Have you ever come across the term, ‘Monitoring app’ or ‘Spy tracker’? If not, you may have not heard about IkeyMonitor before. This is a software that can be installed on your kid’s phone to help you access the data from the target device remotely. Yes, this is possible. A lot of parents and other users for different reasons are using it to stay safer and informed. 

IKeyMonitor is developed by Awosoft Technology, a Los Angels based company. This tracking program was first introduced in 2012 for iOS devices. Soon after two years, the app started supporting Android devices as well in 2014. Hence, making it available to greater number of audiences. 

With IKeyMonitor, one can check the activities taking place on the target mobile. It could be either your kid’s device or your employee’s. Once you download, install and optimize the app on the target phone, you can start monitoring all the online activities and other things happening on the device. Using a control panel, that is password protected, you can view and monitor the data log updated after every specific interval.  

Things to Know Before You Buy

When listening about a spy software, a lot of users start wondering if the app is legal or not. And, it is important to look for such aspects when getting to know a new solution that would breach privacy of the other user. First of all, the app is completely a legitimate option. IKeyMonitor has been in use by individuals since 2012 and is very easy to operate on iOS as well as Android devices. 

However, the use of the app would actually conclude if you would be legally charged or not. All the tracking software are designed keeping in mind the safety of the loved ones. If parents seek to install such app on the kid’s device, it is all because of the extra protectiveness that they possess being a responsible parent. Similarly, if an employer installs a spy tracker in the official mobile phone, it is only to ensure that the employees are utilizing the time at work for official use and not for personal chats. 

If you, at all, wish to harm someone by making use of their personal data, you must stay away from these apps. This would only invite trouble on your part. 

The next thing that you must look for is the customer feedbacks, in this case, IkeyMonitor review to see what other users are saying. You would not like to end up with an app that does not provide the features that it claims. 

IkeyMonitor Review


To be precise, the app is very well sorted. It has the most user friendly interface to help users work around the different features. You can easily select the data log you wish to monitor. It includes almost all the standard features with some of the advanced monitoring tools to the list. It is easy to install and setup on the target device. 

In this IKeyMonitor review, we would like to elaborate on the different benefits of the app as well as the limitations that may affect your buying decision. While IKeyMonitor is one of the most used applications today, you may need to look for other options too based on your specific requirements. Hence, go through the details and decide for yourself to take the best decision.

How Does IkeyMonitor Work

Do not worry if you are not that tech savvy. To get the app work, you just require a bit of basic knowledge of using the phone and the internet. And, you must be aware of that. IKeyMonitor is designed to make it easy for users to monitor the target device and not to tangle the job even further. 

After installation, the IKeyMonitor app logs all the target data through and shares it with you through a Wi-Fi link. You can view the data collected from the device using a control panel, secured by a password, anywhere and anytime. The app is consistent and it is updated often in order to keep providing the best services to the users. 

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iKeyMonitor features

IkeyMonitor provides many useful features to the users for keeping an eye on the activities of the target mobile. With remote monitoring, the app gets user full control over the device data. 

Account Control: Once the monitoring is over and if you wish to stop tracking the device, you can delete your account, erasing every trace of your spy app that ever was installed on the target device. Everything related to the tracking would disappear once you delete the accounts with data log after you cease the use of IKeyMonitor.

Multiple Users Creations: Now that you are monitoring your kid’s phone, you may like your partner to have the same privilege to do so. If there are other caretakers for your child, you can even create accounts for them too. The accounts can be created with custom permission as you would not want everyone to look at all the information available on your kid’s mobile. Creation of multiple admin and user accounts is possible with IkeyMonitor. 

Track Installed Apps: Using this feature, users can keep an account of all the apps installed and used on the target device. The app would report all the installed apps with time of installation to the users. This would further help understand the different apps that your kids use. 

Set Screen Time and Schedules: While mobile phones are crucial to stay connected with your kid anytime you want, the device is equally responsible for inculcating bad habits on your kids. Long screen times could even cause problems to eyes and other related issues. With this app, you can restrict the screen time by adding schedules for the screen time. 

Set Alert Keywords: You may not want you kid or employee to use make use of certain keywords or apps. In case you have some of these in your mind, you can set alerts for those keywords and apps. In case, the target phone types those keywords, you would get instant alert through emails. Helping you take necessary action. 

Remotely Take Photos: The app allows users to remotely activate the camera of the target phone and take photos without even letting the mobile owner know about the same. This feature helps in identifying the surrounding of the phone. To do so, you can activate either the front or the back camera and take photos without prompting the owner of the target phone.

Monitor Gmail: Why not track the mails when a lot of conversation happens on these apps. The software for tracking helps you view all the sent and received emails from the Gmail account of the target phone. It does so by using capturing the keystrokes, screenshots and recordings.

Location Geo Fencing: This is very much useful feature to restrict the locations that your child travels. With this feature, you can set geographical boundary on the map. Hence, the feature would alert you as soon as the target phone leaves the defined area. You can use this feature for your kids as well as for your employees. The feature is also handy in locating lost and stolen phone. 

Call Monitoring: The app allows user to keep track of call details and share it with through the control panel. Users can also record all the incoming and outgoing calls and can create filters too on certain numbers. 

Monitor Messaging and IMs: To provide better control over the target phone’s data, the app provides you the data of the messaging apps and IMs’ texts. 

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Compatibility Information

IkeyMonitor is compatible with iOS and Android devices. 

Pricing / Free Trial

The IkeyMonitor app is available on the subscription basis. The app also has a free trail package that works for few days. In case you wish to continue using the app, you must pay for the subscription available in monthly and yearly basis.

  • Monthly Basis: $59.99 per month
  • Yearly Basis: $29.16 per month

Installation and Setup

You can complete the installation and start monitoring the target device in few simple steps. It is easy to customize and setup.

  • First you must acquire permission to get IkeyMonitor installed on the target device. To do so, you must order the subscription package of the app based on your needs. You can also make use of the free trial period of three days. 
  • You will find a link on the iKeyMonitor download client for downloading the program on the target device. Using this URL, you can download and install the app on mobile or tablet. Please ensure that the permission is granted for installing third party apps on the device.
  • Later, allow the monitoring of activities on the device in the program settings. You can delete the link as well as shortcut created for the program from the target device.
  • You are ready to monitor the device using the control panel.

The entire process is very simple to follow and anyone with the basic knowledge of the devices would be able to install the app on the mobile phones and tablets.

Download IkeyMonitor

Customer Service

You will get decent support team offering you all the necessary help. The website contains everything about the setup and installation of the app in the form of tips and guides. However, if you still feel a need to contact the support directly, you can use their live chat. It would have been better if the chat support was available 24 by 7. But they do receive messages in case the chat is offline. 


There are many things that make IkeyMonitor one of the best monitoring apps. However, it does have few limitations.

Pros / Cons
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Includes almost all the important features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Call recording possible 
  • Complete control to the users
  • Works in stealth mode
  • It is a bit expensive for few users

Parameters to Assess Before Buying IkeyMonitor

It is always wise to assess the apps that you are planning to buy online. With free trial you can check all the listed parameters and review the performance closely.

Software Reliability: The app is very reliable. It is being used by thousands of users worldwide and is available in multiple languages and countries. With its prompt customer support, you get to enjoy hassle free operation of the app. Moreover, there are regular updates introduced to make itself compatible with the evolving technology.

Software Ease of Use: The app has a user friendly interface and intuitive features. It is easy to use. One does not require any special skills to operate the app. 

Software Build and Design: The build and design are simple. You can easily toggle between features and monitor what you like to.

Software Safety: The app is trustworthy with such great number of existing users. The company’s support is also decent answering queries with instant response. 

Software Cost: The app may seem costly when compared to the other spy apps. However, it does combat with the excessive feature that most of the apps fail to provide.


After checking the IkeyMonitor review, you must have understood the importance of the app in keeping your children safe and secure. It does have other applications too and can be used as a spy to ensure that employees are not wasting time on social media websites when at work. The app provides huge benefits to the users and enjoys huge community of followers. Hence, IkeyMonitor can be completely trusted.

ikeymonitor review

FREE Trial Available

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Terms & conditions apply
The Spyiz website does not develop, own or sell spy software. It selects the best mobile spy software on very strict criteria: its role is only to inform people wishing to use spy software for their smartphones of the best spy applications that exist today.