EasySpy Review: Read This Before You Commit to a Purchase

EasySpy Review

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The Spyiz website does not develop, own or sell spy software. It selects the best mobile spy software on very strict criteria: its role is only to inform people wishing to use spy software for their smartphones of the best spy applications that exist today.
  • Software Reliability: It is a reliable app.
  • Software Ease of Use: The app is easy to install with one extra step of jailbreaking the device.
  • Software Safety: It needs jailbreaking. This means that the safety concerns are there.
  • Software Cost: This is something that makes this app suitable for limited user base.

Let’s see, if the EasySpy Review 2020 flatter you enough to make the purchase of the app? Reading this article, you can find out the capabilities of the software and where does it lag behind. With so many other alternatives, would it be wise enough to choose EasySpy over others? You can find answer to all these questions from this article itself. 

EasySpy is a monitoring app that lets you explore the different information pertaining to the online activities of the target device. It acts as a security solution while providing its users with tremendous benefits. You may like to keep tabs on your partner’s or kid’s activities or like to safeguard your company’s confidential information, this app would help you make that possible. You can accomplish many purposes that often require special attention. 

Have you ever considered a spyware app before? If not, this could be turning point in your life. It won’t only change the way you tackle unpredictable situations but would keep you informed all the time. You can be prepared for the scenarios that come instantly without knocking the doors. All these perks are easily achievable using EasySpy.

However, you must find out your monitoring goals before assessing this software. It may seem like a less useful choice depending on what you want to track. Hence, stay vigilant and read the complete article to make the right decision.  


EasySpy Review

What is an EasySpy app? Those who have not used a similar app before may have no clue about the software. For all those individuals, here is a refresher.

EasySpy app is a monitoring solution. If you want to check call logs, messages, location or various other online activities of someone else’s phone, you may like to know about such offerings. It accomplishes your monitoring goals and keep you informed about the secret life of the owner of the target device. 

From easily accessible dashboard, you can monitor the data logs remotely. You do not have to touch the device every now and then to look for information. You can just login to your control panel to keep an eye on every online information of the phone. 

The best part is that the app runs in the stealth mode. Hence, you can keep monitoring without giving any hint of the same to the target device. Because of this feature, the app can also be utilized when secretly watching someone’s activities. In case of a cheating spouse, you can collect proofs using this software. You can even track a doubtful employee of sharing confidential data with competitors. 

With such great applications, EasySpy has gathered a lot of popularity among its users. And, many individuals seek to know about the app before planning to buy. The EasySpy review tries to make that easier for you.  

Things to Know Before You Buy

Are you prepared to buy the app? You may like to wait a little more. We still need to discuss some important facts about EasySpy.

You must check the compatibility of the software. Every app has certain limitations. It could be either in terms of providing advanced tools, or affordability or even compatibility. What matters most is the support for your particular device. Paying for an app that does not work on your device would get you nothing. On the contrary, you would end up paying for a useless solution. So, stay vigilant when picking an app. The detail of compatibility is discussed later in the chapter. So, stay tuned. 

You must also check out the features, affordability and support services to ensure that the software is worth your attention. It is also crucial to follow a priority rule depending on your preferences. If you think you can compromise with features to stay inline with the budget, you take the decision accordingly. And, vice versa is also true.

EasySpy Review

EasySpy Spy App

There is huge potential included in the EasySpy App. But to have a closer look at all these perks, you must read the EasySpy review. The article would help you utilize the app to its best results. It highlights all the basic requirements in order to install and use the app. As well as, all those limitations that may make this app useless for your specific monitoring goals.

EasySpy is an intuitive app. It does accomplish the task with safety. However, that does not mean it can work for every individual. For example, if you do not want to jailbreak your device, this app won’t be the right choice for you. It does require you to break the iOS terms while installing the software. 

There could be various other reasons too. So, only looking at the features won’t provide you a complete specification of the app. Look further and deeper to take the right decision that suits you and your family. 

How Does EasySpy Work

The monitoring apps work in similar fashion. EasySpy also follows the same league. You must install the app on the target device to collect data logs. This is the time when you would require access to the phone. You must have the screen lock pattern or password handy when trying to enter the target device. 

After installing the app, EasySpy will start collecting data from the target device. These data logs are saved on the EasySpy’s server. To access the information of the phone, you must access your control panel. To login to the dashboard, you must use the credentials you created during account signup with the app’s website.

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The EasySpy app provides users with whole set of features to keep the monitoring task as powerful as possible. 

Check Text Messages: Never go wrong when you think your partner is loyal and texting late night with friends. It could be something else. Instead of staying cool about it, find out what is the real truth. Use the Spy app to check messages. You can view sent, received as well as deleted ones too.

Multimedia Files: Access all the multimedia files saved on the target phone. Who knows you can find out something that is not justified? Moreover, you can protect your kids from adult pictures and videos.

Monitor Call Logs: Nothing should be kept hidden from you when you wish to track the online activities. And, call logs seem to make the most useful information for catching something suspicious. You can check all the number, duration of call, time and date and a lot more. You can also view the complete contact book of the target device.

Track Location: Know where your kids are. Or, catch a husband having romantic dinner with someone else. You can do all that by using EasySpy.


There are various other features. You can check the website to know more about what all it offers. 

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Compatibility Information

The app is compatible with iOS as well as Android phones. If your target device is an iOS phone, you need to jailbreak it. You must also consider the consequences of doing so. Jailbreaking a phone would contradict with the warranty terms of the company. It may also pose malware threats to the device.

Although the rooting of Android devices is not a necessity, it would help you avail the complete feature list. Hence, those installing EasySpy on Android phones are recommended to root the device prior to installing the app.

Pricing / Free Trial

Coming down to the pricing, the app is a bit expensive. Rather, it would be better to call this app an elite choice. It is available for $69 per month. The same price stays true for all the platforms. You can use it on tablets as well. The monthly subscription can be cancelled anytime. 

Hence, you can check the app for a few months, if it is within your budget. Or else, you know what to do. Being unaffordable for many individuals, EasySpy makes it difficult for everyone from accessing it.

Not to forget, please verify the features available with particular platforms that you use. There are few differences. So, stay tuned before making a decision.

Installation and Setup

Installation is easy and simple. The app is quite interactive, showing directions while setting it up. It would take you to the next steps all by itself. However, the company also provides complete detail of the procedure briefly on its website. To start with, you must sign up for the account with EasySpy using your email address. 

The next step would be to pay for the monthly subscription. It offers various payment methods. Use anyone you like and opt for the plan. Finally, you can use the instructions sent on the email to complete the setup. Remember, if you use iPhone, you must jailbreak the device first. Rooting is optional, but required if you want to make use of all the features of EasySpy.

Once you complete the setup, the app would start its job. It would save all the data files on the server. You just need to login to your dashboard remotely to view and monitor those activities report.   

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Customer Service

In terms of technical support, you do get a direct contact number to connect with. It is pretty fine as you can talk to someone in real right away. Although they are not available 24 by 7, you can reach them during office hours. The call support stays up from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. 


The EasySpy review clears all the major confusions that you might had regarding the app. Here is a recap of what the app is good for and which limitations held it back.

Pros / Cons
  • It is a reliable app
  • It provides plenty of features for the users
  • EasySpy runs in stealth mode
  • You can install it without any trouble
  • Call support is available
  • Very expensive
  • Only monthly subscription is available
  • Jailbreak is required and Rooting is necessary for using complete feature list

Parameters Influencing the Buying Decision

There are always few factors that must be served well to make this app a useful option for your particular monitoring goals. You must keep a close eye on these parameters to find out if the app is for you or not. Here is what you must verify before purchasing EasySpy. 

Software Reliability: It is a reliable app. It is being used by many parents and partners around the world and has proven its worth many times. 

Software Ease of Use: The app is easy to install with one extra step of jailbreaking the device. However, this would also be easy if you follow the instructions precisely. Otherwise, it does not take much time to setup and complete the customization before you can start monitoring the target phone. 

Software Build and Design: The interface is user-friendly. Most importantly, you can find every data file separate by tabs to make customer experience enthralling and hassle free.

Software Safety: It needs jailbreaking. This means that the safety concerns are there. However, the app does ensure that it maintains data privacy by all means. Plus, your dashboard is locked with unique username and password. 

Software Cost: This is something that makes this app suitable for limited user base. It is very expensive and offers only monthly subscription.  


You must be worried about installing a third-party device that is not available with app store or play store. This is not unusual and happens with every monitoring solution that runs in stealth mode. Hence, you can use EasySpy without any trouble. You may have to make the choice of jailbreaking the device. In case your phone is already out of warranty, you can go for it anyway. 

The EasySpy review highlights all the points that you must consider before taking the final decision. Hence, if it feels right to go with the app, great. You can use this software for keeping your family safe as well as ensuring security for your private data. You never know, employees could be nosy and untrustworthy. The same goes with the partners as well. So, stay safe and utilize this ultimate solution for staying prepared for all scenarios, either favourable or not.

EasySpy Review

Affordable Price

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Terms & conditions apply
The Spyiz website does not develop, own or sell spy software. It selects the best mobile spy software on very strict criteria: its role is only to inform people wishing to use spy software for their smartphones of the best spy applications that exist today.